Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Katharine and Dane - Chapter 6 – Douglas and Rebecca's deception

“Douglas, do you think it’s right?” Lamented Queen Rebecca, “Lying to our only child?” Poor sweet innocent Katharine, she thought to herself.

“It would seem we have no choice. Besides, maybe she will learn to love him this way. Just like I learned to love you.” He loved to watch Rebecca blush.

“Alright, alright. So what are we supposed to tell her?” A smile played on Douglas’ lips.

“Father” She said slowly, “What are you saying? Elizabeth marries the Prince? And I go to Aunt Anne’s? I must say I am a little confused.” Katharine sat on her bed.

“Well, my child, Dane needs a bride, and we promised Edward and Christine… Since you wouldn’t marry him, Elizabeth agreed to go in your stead.” Douglas felt a little bad lying to her, but he was hopeful it would all turn out for the best. “It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to be there, and we cant have you here so close to the marriage deadline. Besides the Duke of Cardborough will be at Aunt Anne’s house, and he should be excellent company. He could be a good match…”

“I don’t know Father. Isn’t he one of Dane’s friends?” Katharine eyed her parents warily.

“Give the man a sporting chance, and it’s only for a week.” Rebecca interjected. Katharine shrugged.

“What could it hurt. I suppose I will pack for the trip.” She felt some relief, a little bit of triumph. Though there was a twang of guilt. Her reluctance to marry had forced her best friend into a marriage. Now she was being sent away, essentially to hide out from Oswald.

She hated this, all of it. The having to grow up, be an adult, but still not able to make her own decisions. She had to marry someone, but she didn’t really like men, they were rude and mean. Men killed other men over stupid things… They lied, and cheated. There were some men like her father who were kind and just, but she had never met anyone else like that, though Kind Edward was a nice enough man, the few times that she had met him.

She packed, while she thought about her future husband. She just wanted someone kind, gentle, and fair. Who didn’t want to rule the world, just wanted the best for his subjects.

She would see of this Duke fellow was worth her time… what precious little time she had left…