Sunday, March 29, 2009

Katharine and Dane - Chapter 5 – Duke and King

Around dinnertime, the Duke entered the Castle. The King’s right hand man, Michael, greeted him.

“Michael, I seek counsel with his majesty. Dane has sent me here to speak with him on a very important matter.” Michael rolled his eyes, as the Duke was prone to eloquent speech, without much substance.

“Your Highness. Reginald, Duke of Cardborough is here to see you.” Michael knew how much the Duke disliked his first name, and used it as often as was permissible.

“Ah Duke, So good to see you. No doubt you are here at Dane’s request.” Edward clapped the young man on the back. Christine at him from her seat in front of the fire.

“Don’t you think we should be alone?” The Duke replied, haughtily. Edward snorted, Christine furrowed her brow, and Michael rolled his eyes again.

“Son, sit. We need to talk. Michael, take notes.” Edward sat in his huge chair behind his huge desk. “Dane has filled her head with ideas, I’m sure. He’s got you thinking that you are going to marry Katharine, and be King.” Duke squirmed uncomfortably. “That is not going to happen.” Relief swept over the Duke. “Instead, you are going to lie to Dane, and tell him you will, and then you will help host Elizabeth, Katharine’s handmaiden, while she is here. You will encourage Dane to go to Lady Anne’s house to relax.” Some of Duke’s ego seemed to have deflated.

“Sire, I do not understand what good any of this will do.” Duke replied, while wondering what Elizabeth looked like, probably fat…

“that is not for you to know at this time. Michael will arrange for you and Elizabeth to stay here at the Castle, and you will have plenty of time to spend with her. You will find her a bright girl with a great personality. I believe you will enjoy her company.” Wonderful, Duke thought, Smart, fat, and friendly, not exactly his idea of a great date.

“If you even think, about trying any of your usual antics with her… “Christine interjected, “there will be hell to pay.” The look on her face told him he she was very serious.

“You’ll be wise to stay in our good graces.” Edward said, cordially, but there was a threat lying beneath it. “Dane will be no worse for wear when he returns from Anne’s. Don’t worry about him.” Duke had almost forgotten about him.

“I wont,” Duke finally spat out. Edward excused him, and Michael showed him out Edward smiled at his wife, and she smiled back, not letting on the unease that she felt.

If Dane uncovered their deception before the time was right, all would be lost. She also worried about handing Elizabeth over to the over sexed Duke. Elizabeth was no angel, but she was still a naïve virgin. Christine wanted to see her leave still a virgin, tho maybe not so naïve.

Edward watched his wife, lost in thought. He knew she was worried, it showed on her face. He also knew that she trusted him completely.

“I love you.” He said, kissing her worried forehead. “Everything will turn out alright in the end. Trust me.”