Thursday, March 30, 2017

Once upon a [Story]time: The Waterfall

The Fellowship arrives at the PlateauThey had traversed the epic beige desert, and crossed the cold slick tundra. Their guide said that all that was between them and the great waterfall was a field of gray – and a giant pink mountain with its white plateau.

They made their way up the sheer face of the pink mountain. Standing on the plateau, they saw it. The white pool where the waterfall should be… but there was no water.

Three of them rushed ahead. They had waited until the giant creatures had made a mistake. Waited for the one time when they had gone and not ushered them all back to the dark cave. Waited for what seemed like ages – years even. Others, the guides included, had seen the waterfall – taken there by the smaller of the giant creatures – but these three had only heard the tales.

UntitledThere they stood; just outside the white pool but there was no cool mist, no splash of water from above.

The hasty travelers were joined by the rest of their party, and climbed down into the dry lagoon. The white rock was rough, and cold. The air rumbled, and suddenly a wizard appeared with his knights!

UntitledFools!” the wizard bellowed. “You have trespassed in the Great Ones waterfall! Only when they enter this lagoon does the water flow. Only they have the power to make the cleansing mist! Only those deemed worthy by them may enter here.”
They had come so far. But for what? The ground rumbled below them.


UntitledBefore they could escape a hand reached down, and grabbed one of the knights!

Perhaps they were doomed to live in those dark caves forever…