Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few Stories

So - I should be posting the first part of one of my stories tonight. I'm thinking of giving you "Katharine and Dane" - Ch 1 - Dane's Rant. This is one I started about 5 years ago, and have still never finished. I had written about 1/2 the story, then scrapped it and started over. So here is the third try. I actually know how it will end, and have that in my head, but getting through the last third ( y'know where all the "action" is ) will be difficult.

In a few days I will get going on "At Yarns End" a story about a young widow who owns a yarn shop. I have a few stories about widows, mostly because thats one of my biggest fears. i may give you a few yarn patterns to go with it. The main character crochets a lot in the story.

After that, perhaps we will get going with one of the others... the prequel to "Katharine and Dane" or "A Bond Renewed" ( another widow story), or maybe something else. I have a few that don't really have an ending yet, so I am reluctant to put them out there.

Well, I'll take the words off the pages, and stick them into the computer tonight, and see if I cant get this thing going!