Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Katharine and Dane - Chpater 2 - Katharine's Rant

“Why did God give me this burden?” She lamented. “To choose between two men I despise… If I do not marry Dane, I shall almost certainly be forced to marry Oswald.” She shuddered at the mere thought of marrying that old man. Ugly…brutish…and those were his good qualities. “Oh Elizabeth, what do I do?” Her handmaiden, and best friend, what would she do with her?

“Kay..There’s only one choice. Marry Dane.” She said… Katharine pouted, well of course Elizabeth would side with her parents. “I hear he’s handsome, strong, lean…easy on the eyes.” Katharine laughed. Elizabeth loved to look at men, and they seemed to love to look at her too.

“But dear Elizabeth, what of the rumors? His many ladies. The bars, the wenches…these are not the things that make a good King, or a good husband.” Elizabeth frowned, Katharine had a good point. What good is a good looking man if everyone else has already had a good look?

“I do not envy you this decision, but remember not to let your pride get in the way of what’s best for the kingdom.” Elizabeth warned, then left her with her thoughts. She didn’t want to marry Oswald, that for certain, but what of Dane? If the rumors were proved true, she would be stuck with an immoral, sex crazed maniac. She certainly didn’t want that either! There must be another way, she thought to herself, Someone else, ANYONE else. But who? She’d talk to Elizabeth about it some more later. She knew that she would give her good advice.