Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zombie: A (short) Love Story Chapter 2

Saturday Morning. 9 am. Jess’ house.
Jess woke up to her Mom screaming, then silence. She tossed the covers off, and ran out of her room and down the stairs. Her mom was staring blankly at the tv.
“Mom?” Jess said quietly, “What’s wrong?” Her Mom turned and looked at her with an ashen face.
“Sweetheart. You need to sit down.” Jess plopped down next to her on the couch. “Something bad happened, to Megan and George.” Jess looked at her mom, then to the floor, and then to the tv, where they were replaying the mornings events. Over and over and over again. Suddenly Jess felt sick, and the room went black.

Saturday Morning. 9 am. Xander’s House.
Almost ready for work, Xander was brushing his teeth. Another Saturday wasted, he thought to himself. His cell phone rang. He looked at it. His boss was calling?
“Yesh?” He said, toothbrush still in his mouth. “Why?” He spat into the sink. “What are you talking about? No, I haven’t seen the news… Really? Whoa. Ok, ok.”
Wow, some dude got his head ripped off by a girl on TV, and he had missed it, and now they were in a state of emergency because of some graves that were empty. Weird. Maybe they’ll show it again, or maybe someone will have posted in online.

Saturday Morning. 9:10 am. Erik’s house.
Quietly dreaming, Erik heard his cell phone buzz next to him. He must have fallen asleep right after talking to Jess the night before. Looking around, he found the phone, and flipped it open.

“Hey babe. Are you ok?” He heard Jess crying. She took a deep breath, and told him what she saw. “What! Ok.Ok. I will be right there. No, I won’t hang up.” Still dressed from the night before, he slipped on his shoes, and grabbed a clean set of clothes out of his drawers, and grabbed his back pack. What the hell was going on? He wondered.

Saturday Morning. 9 am. Andrew House.

“WAKE UP!” His dad bellowed. “Andrew! Wake up!”
Andrew rolled over, and stared at his dad. Something was wrong, very wrong. His dad looked frightened, and there was a gun in his hand.
“What the hell dad?” Andrew said, sitting up. “What’s going on?”
“Apparently… Dead people are roaming around, killing people.”
“Are you being serious?”
“National Guard has been deployed, to get people out of their houses, and to safe locations. We are in a state of emergency. White House Press conference. The whole deal. Joy and Chazz are coming here, we need to get ready son. “
“Wait, we are talking ‘zombies’, right?” His dad nodded soberly.

Saturday Morning. 10 am. News Report.
“Last night, we reported an explosion at a local hospital. This morning, while we were updating you on the rescue efforts, we filmed this disturbing footage.”
*Footage of empty graves, and Zombie attacks*
“The Governor has declared a State of Emergency. The National Guard has deployed trucks of all sizes to get people to safety. The so called ‘Zombies’ are slow moving, but the mass panic this morning’s news footage has caused has resulted in traffic jams. The National Guard, State and local Police, are working together to clear the highways, set up perimeters, and evacuate people who are in the most danger first. The map you are seeing now, shows the immediate evacuation zones in red, and the orange will be after that. If you are in the Green, Purple, or Blue zones, please get to your local Public School. More information on procedures are available on our website, via your local police station, and there is an automated recording available at 1-800-555-1212.”
“We will have the Governor’s press conference for you shortly, as it is scheduled to begin at 10:15, and the White House press conference will be at 10:30.”