Friday, November 6, 2009

Chapter 12 - I see you...

Chapter 12 – I see you…

“Tell me what you see, sister!” Oswald yelled. Frieda sat stone-faced. There was a time when she had feared her brother, but she had learned that he needed her, and that there was no way he could rule without her.

“What do you want to know, brother.” She droned. There was no love there, only a need to survive. She was the daughter of the king, but had no real rights. The only thing keeping her safe was Oswald, and the only thing Oswald wanted from her was her gift.

“I want to know where Katharine is now. My men tell me she is in Charland, preparing to marry Dane, but you said that they would not be wed this week, you said that they did not want to wed! Now tell me, sister, what do you see?” He pounded his fist on the table, his face a bright red. Frieda gazed into the pool of water and concentrated. She could see faces, and suddenly she was lost in a swirl of liquid light, as if she were underwater looking up at the world. She concentrated harder, and the world became clear again.

“I see Katharine and Dane, together, but… They don’t know each other. They are on horseback, on a picnic? Alone. It is the countryside…” She trailed off. She looked around, but did not recognize the land. She had never seen it before. “There is a small village in the distance. It does not look familiar. They are laughing… “ She stopped. They looked like they were in love. Katharine touched Dane’s arm, like her mother used to touch the King. Frieda wanted someone to look at her the way that Dane looked at Katharine. Frieda did not want her brother to know that they were in love. He would hold off his plan if he thought that they were not going to be wed.

“Inconceivable!” Oswald hollered. “If they are not at Charland Castle than who is? And where are they?” His hollered and stomping about broke her concentration, and she was thrust back through the swirling liquid into her own sad reality. She blinked at the dimness of the room. “Where would a prince and a princess go to hide?” He asked no one. His eyebrows, once furrowed, now raised, and he looked almost excited. “Perhaps… Yes! That has to be it!” He dropped a bag on the table and left the room, without another word.

She wondered how much he had left her this time. She spilled the contents of the bag onto the table. She sighed. The gold and silver coins were scarcely more than what her cook made in a moon, but hardly enough for what she was planning. She needed to get away from Oswald, to somewhere safe. If he kept giving her a mere pittance, than she would never be able to save enough… She wondered if he knew she was planning to run away, to meet the handsome man in her visions. The one who helped King Edward. He was a strong beautiful man, with such kindness in his eyes…