Monday, April 11, 2011

A Zombie Love Story: Chapter 4

Zombie Chapter 4

Saturday Afternoon 1:15 pm – National Guard Post

Xander, Andrew and 100+ other citizens were sitting in folding chairs. The briefing would be starting at 2pm. Everyone was a buzz about getting to kick some Zombie butt.

Saturday Afternoon 1:24 pm – Brian’s House

Chazz and Joy pulled their SUV into the driveway, then into the garage and hopped out.
They closed and locked the garage door behind them, and started to unpack. Brian’s wife, Chris, slowly opened the door to the garage. “I am so glad you made it safely.” Her face was tear-stained. “Andrew already left for the National Guard meeting.”

Saturday Afternoon 1:30pm – News Conference

“The Evacuation zone has been widened by a 2 mile radius. National Guard SUV’s are being dispatched to this new zone to assist in the evacuation. Please call your local Police Station to find out which Public School your neighborhood is being evacuated to. More on the evacuation plan at 2:30pm”

Saturday Afternoon at 1:37pm – Jess’s House

“Jess! Erik!” Jess’ Mom hollered. “We have to go! We need to pack up now!”
“What!?” Jess said as she poked her head around the corner.
“We are in the new evacuation zone. We have to get some things packed, and then get out of here. We need to get to the High School. Now get packing! Just the basics!”
Jess turned to Erik. She was very anxious. He gave her a huge hug. He wondered how George and Megan were doing.

Saturday Afternoon 1:45pm – Megan’s neighborhood

George had finally had his first meal. It felt weird, and good, and slimey. Now he was hungry again. Megan was insistent that they were heading toward a good meal. She could smell them. They were coming right around the corner… She couldn’t wait.

Saturday Afternoon 2:00pm – National Guard Post.

“Citizens, thank you for volunteering your time. We will be breaking you out into task forces. There are needs for containing the Zombies, organizing the Evacuees, and making sure all houses are evacuated. We will need to be organized, and efficient. We need to keep the so-called Zombies contained and apart from non-affected citizens. If you are interested in assisting the Army, Marines, and Guard members in containing the Zombies, please remain seated. If you are interested in assisting with the evacuation efforts, please make your way to the doors in the rear of the room, and if you are interested in getting all evacuees to the appropriate locations, and organizing temporary housing please head to the doors on the right of the room. Thank you. We will be starting the Containment briefing in 15 minutes.”